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Welcome to Veteran Automotive, your one-stop shop for automotive maintenance and repair. With state of the art equipment and training, we will ensure to not only resolve your vehicle issues and get you back on the road in no time, but will guarantee to leave you 100% satisfied. Here at Veteran Automotive, we strive to maintain a good working relationship with all our customers by providing an honest, family friendly atmosphere with top of the line service technicians. All staff members of Veteran Automotive are highly trained and willing to answer any questions you may have! Come check us out or call to set up an appointment today!!!


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3685 Delaware Avenue

Tonawanda, NY 14217

About Us


Veteran Automotive is an independent automotive repair shop established by Chad Miller, Mark Mayle and Werner Simpson.

Why the name "Veteran" Automotive???

 According to definition, vet·er·an (n) meaning:

1. a person who has had long experience in a particular field.

2. a person who has served in the military.

Chad is an eleven year US military Veteran. Prior to moving to Buffalo spent 6 years on active duty in NC. While stationed in NC, he deployed 5 times overseas to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Chad, who is an Ohio native, moved to NY with his wife in early 2013 where he began and completed his Associates of Applied Science for Automotive Technology. During his time in the automotive technician school, Chad worked full time at a local Chevrolet Dealership while completing over 150hrs of GM training.

Mark Mayle has served as an Automotive technician since 1989. His knowledge and experience are second to none. Over Mark's nearly 30 years of mechanic work, has completed his ASE Master technician certifications multiple times, he is a 100% certified Cadillac trained technician, and is knowledgeable in nearly all makes and models.

Werner Simpson (Vern), has been an Auto technician since 1996 and specializes in electrical diagnostics and repairs. Although, he is trained in all aspects of automotive diagnostics and repair as well as aftermarket accessory installation.

Werner is GM trained and ASE Certified.

Our Services:


​- Complete Computer Diagnostics

- Comprehensive Engine repair

- Drivability Problems

- Tune-ups/Oil changes

- Electrical Diagnostics and repairs

- Tire and Rim

- Brake Systems

- Mufflers and exhaust systems

- Steering and Suspensions

- Alignments


- And much more!!!

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